vrijdag 12 november 2010

Hoe gebruik je de snowmarker!

Hoe gebruik je de Snowmarker?

Zoals ik het beloofd op de KreaDoe is hier de uitleg over hoe je de snowmarker kunt gebruiken.

Wanneer je de marker voor het eerst gaat gebruiken is het verstandig om de punt eerst op een restje papier een aantal keren zachtjes wat in te drukken.
Op deze manier zie je dan vanzelf de inkt tevoorschijn komen.

Nu kun je op de plaatsen waar jij sneeuwvlokjes in de lucht, of sneeuw op de grond of sneeuw op een dak of voor het maken van een bontrandje langs een muts of wantje aanbrengen.

Hoe dikker de laag inkt die je aanbrengt hoe hoger de laag uiteindelijk wordt. Dus wanneer je dunne lijntjes op een denneboom wilt aanbrengen dan is het belangrijk om een dun lijntje te maken. Echter maak het ook niet te dun… dan komt er namelijk geen sneeuw omhoog. Op dit soort kleine stukjes is dus enige oefening vereist.

Zorg er nu voor dat je de inkt van de snowmarker helemaal laat drogen! Dit is heel belangrijk voor het mooiste resultaat. Wanner de inkt niet meer glint en dof is kun je aan de slag met je heattool.
Hou deze op enige afstand van de inkt en je ziet de sneeuw groeien.

Hier is het eindresultaat.

Ik hoop dat alles op deze manier duidelijk is en jullie lekker aan de slag kunnen met de snowmarker.

Gebruikte materialen:

Stempel: Rachel Ann Miller Lily & Milo
Ric Rac lint
Bazzil cream en Petunia
Papier en pons uit eigen voorraad
Copic Markers   

Veel plezier ermee en mocht je vragen hebben dan mag je me altijd mailen.
Als je deze uitleg leuk vindt laat me dat dan weten met een berichtje.
Lieve groetjes

dinsdag 9 november 2010

Matchbox with Prancer.

Today I want to show you how I dressed up the matchbox with an image from Shelly.
I choose to work with Prancer. I love this beautiful image of him.
First of all I took the messurements of the box and choose the paper I want to work with.

Then you cut the the papers to the right size for the top and the front of the box.
I cut leaves with my Martha Stewart puch out of Green bazzil cardstock and the holy with a Nellie punch.
And then I colored the image of Prancer.

After that I cut the image on size and rounded the corners. I stamped the word on DCP paper and cut and embossed it with an oval nestabilitie and colored the edges with distress ink Peeled paint.

I took some transparent pearls and colored them with the airbrush.

Then I assembled the whole box with all the parts that are now ready.

Hope you like it and make one too and show it to us!

zaterdag 25 september 2010

Coloring Red Hair

How to color Red Hair:

I will try to show how I color red hair in an image.
Unfortunally I don’t have a video camera to film it so I did it step by step with photo’s. I hope that all is clear.

For this I use the imge from Michelle Perkett that is called Princess Oceana.
You all now her cause it’s the Logo of Michelle Perkett Studio.

 I use Copic Markers E08-E99-E97-E95

In this image I didn’t work to much with lightfall to keep it more simple!
If you are more experienced you can add this to this technique as well!

Of course there are many more varieties to color red hair.
Just print out a view images and practice and try out colors you like!

I start with the darkest color in this case E08. I look were the dark places in the hair are and color them. It’s mostly the parts were hair is coming from under other hair or when it comes from behind the shells and pearls in this case.

The next step is with copic color E99. I go over the E08 and make it a little larger.. this way the colors will blend a little. Don’t mind if the blending isn’t getting right yet.
We work on that later.

The next step is with the color E97… and we do the same as the step before this. We go over the E99 and a little further in the white areas. Again the blending is not good but we work on that later with our last color.

Now we take E95 and fill in the white spots that are left in the drawing.
When you do this you can go over all the colors. This way you take some color from the darker markers and spread it and blend all colors together.
Now the first layer of you image is colored with the first layer.

Then I will start again with the darkest color E08 and do all the steps over on some places in the hair to add more depth to the image. You can do this several times till you have the depth and color that you like.

I hope you all like this technique and I’m asking you to give it a try with al kind of colors for hair. It’s so much fun to do this. And if you don't get the result the first time... then do it again. I practiced a lot and many first try images ended up in the paper basket! So don't give up!

Please show us your results at the CDAC group.
If you still have questions about this technique please feel free to email me privately at cardsbymarione@yahoo.com

Thanks for looking and leaving a lovely comment
Hugs Marion

dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

Embossing with ink

Embossing with Ink

I love to emboss papers. But sometimes I want them to have another color so they match better with the colors that I used in my coloring.
So I take my Big Shot by Sizzix and an embossing folder
I take the inkpad I want and start coloring the side with the increased pattern and rub the inkpad softly over the pattern. Make sure to to add pressure otherwise you color the underground as well.

Then place the paper on the normal way in the embossing folder…

 And run the folder through the machine. Make sure to do it slow and give the ink the time to get into the paper. You might run the embossing folder several times through the machine without lifting it out of it’s place!

After you take the mal out you can clean it the way you clean your embossing folder the way you clean your stamps.

You can do the same technique, but then work on the imprinted side of the embossing folder!
Here are both results. You can also use other dies to cut shapes from this papers.

Have fun and make sure to show your results with this technique!

dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Background stamping

Background stamping Sky

Today's Tutorial is about creating a stamped background sky behing your image.

I choose the beautiful image Swan Love from Shelly's Images.
You can find this lovely image HERE

Print and color the image.
Print the image again on plain white paper.

 Cut out the second printed image.

Mask the colored image with the plain one.

At www.shellysimages.com you find a free image of clouds.
Print it out on firm cardstock and cut it out.
Place the clouds over the masked image and work the edges with the stamping ink.
Replace the cloud and ink again. You can use various colors to create a cloudy sky.

Here is the result after inking the background.
I used some yellow to create a sunrise feeling.
Save the cut out mask for the next time!

I made a loopy lace gift box with the image in it.
This is a different kind of wedding card.

Hope you all like this technique and give it a try and show us at the CDAC Group!

Thanks for looking and leaving a lovely comment.

maandag 28 juni 2010

How to make your own flower

How to make your own flower.

Hi, Welcome back to my blog here. Today I want to show you how to make you own flowers for a card or any other project.

I have to be honest and tell you that it is a long time ago that I ran into an website where this technique was shown and were I found the template.

So let's get started with this tutorial.

Things you need:

* the template and cut the petal 12 times
* scissors
* stampin ink or pencils or markers
* little spoon
* soft embossing mat
* color pencil or copic marker
* glue
* pen
* if you want you can use glimmermist


Cut out this template 12 times

Ink or color 6 petals in a color of choice and the other 6 in an other color.

Cut or punch two small circles and ink them as well.

Take the embossing mat and the spoon and the petals 

Put the spoon over the petal like shown on the photo


Then push softly with both hands so the petal will fold a little into shape.

put a drop of glue on the paper background and take two petals and dip the ends in the gluedrop

Then glue them apposite to each other on the little circle

Do the same with the 4 other petals of the same color. And repeat that with the 6 petals of the other color.
Let the flowers dry well.

Add small lines on the petals with a pencil or a copic marker.

Take the pen and put the flower on the embossing mat and push lighly in the middle of both flowers

Glue both flowers onto each other with some 3d glue dots and add a pearl or something else in the middle of the flower on top.
And if you desire... spray with glimmer mist.

Here is the result of the tutorial.

I hope you like it and leave me a lovely comment on my work


zondag 30 mei 2010

  Tutorial for a Milk Gift Pack

Print the image to cardstock and cut and score it according 
to the lines at the template.

Click on the image to get it in the right size and print it to cardstock.

     Cut Design paper a bit smaller than the squares and 
triangles and glue them on the cardstock.

Close the bottom as a box with glue or tape and fold the top
 like the pack of milk.

Close the top with a paperclip or other kind of clip so 
you can add a little present in it.

Make sure not to glue the top of the pack close otherwise you can’t add anything in it to use the Milk Pack as a little present.

I will show the finished Milk Pack HERE on coming Friday June 4th 2010
Because I'm going to play with this one a bit more this week.

Made and created by:    Marion van Eijsden    http://cardsbymarione.blogspot.com

Stamp and designed for:  Shelly’s Images  http://shellysimages.blogspot.com

Thanks for looking and leaving a lovely comment