zaterdag 25 september 2010

Coloring Red Hair

How to color Red Hair:

I will try to show how I color red hair in an image.
Unfortunally I don’t have a video camera to film it so I did it step by step with photo’s. I hope that all is clear.

For this I use the imge from Michelle Perkett that is called Princess Oceana.
You all now her cause it’s the Logo of Michelle Perkett Studio.

 I use Copic Markers E08-E99-E97-E95

In this image I didn’t work to much with lightfall to keep it more simple!
If you are more experienced you can add this to this technique as well!

Of course there are many more varieties to color red hair.
Just print out a view images and practice and try out colors you like!

I start with the darkest color in this case E08. I look were the dark places in the hair are and color them. It’s mostly the parts were hair is coming from under other hair or when it comes from behind the shells and pearls in this case.

The next step is with copic color E99. I go over the E08 and make it a little larger.. this way the colors will blend a little. Don’t mind if the blending isn’t getting right yet.
We work on that later.

The next step is with the color E97… and we do the same as the step before this. We go over the E99 and a little further in the white areas. Again the blending is not good but we work on that later with our last color.

Now we take E95 and fill in the white spots that are left in the drawing.
When you do this you can go over all the colors. This way you take some color from the darker markers and spread it and blend all colors together.
Now the first layer of you image is colored with the first layer.

Then I will start again with the darkest color E08 and do all the steps over on some places in the hair to add more depth to the image. You can do this several times till you have the depth and color that you like.

I hope you all like this technique and I’m asking you to give it a try with al kind of colors for hair. It’s so much fun to do this. And if you don't get the result the first time... then do it again. I practiced a lot and many first try images ended up in the paper basket! So don't give up!

Please show us your results at the CDAC group.
If you still have questions about this technique please feel free to email me privately at

Thanks for looking and leaving a lovely comment
Hugs Marion