zondag 30 mei 2010

  Tutorial for a Milk Gift Pack

Print the image to cardstock and cut and score it according 
to the lines at the template.

Click on the image to get it in the right size and print it to cardstock.

     Cut Design paper a bit smaller than the squares and 
triangles and glue them on the cardstock.

Close the bottom as a box with glue or tape and fold the top
 like the pack of milk.

Close the top with a paperclip or other kind of clip so 
you can add a little present in it.

Make sure not to glue the top of the pack close otherwise you can’t add anything in it to use the Milk Pack as a little present.

I will show the finished Milk Pack HERE on coming Friday June 4th 2010
Because I'm going to play with this one a bit more this week.

Made and created by:    Marion van Eijsden    http://cardsbymarione.blogspot.com

Stamp and designed for:  Shelly’s Images  http://shellysimages.blogspot.com

Thanks for looking and leaving a lovely comment

zaterdag 1 mei 2010

Back folded card:

Cardstock  11”x 4.25”  or 28cm x 10.5cm
Patterned paper
Digital stamp or other stamp
Glue, gluedots, tape
Edge punch


Step 1:

Score at  5.5” (the middle of the card ) and then score the middle of the left side also. (at 2.75”)

Step 2:

Turn card over so it is right side up and punch the edge of the scored side.

Step 3:

Fold the card at 5.5” so it looks like a normal closed card with a punched edge.


Step 4:

Then fold the punched side back to the left side.

Step 5:

Cut a piece of patterned paper a bit smaller than the inside of the card, distress and ink the edges and glue it inside the card.

Step 6:

Cut a piece of patterned paper a bit smaller than the left side of the front card and a piece for the folded inside that is now in sight, distress and ink the edges and glue it to the card.

Step 7:

Add the embellishments , sentiment and stamp and finish the card as desired.

Here is my finished card.  I hope you will try this card and show us your creations.

or perhaps you like a different stamp and size of the card and you can make something like this

All stamps used in this tutorial are designed by Shelly’s Images. You can get them at:   www.shellysimages.com